Q. Your prices have gone up since we paid our deposit, will I be charged extra?

A. No, the amount is fixed to whatever my pricing was at the time of booking, there will be no increase as long as you have paid your deposit to secure the date.

Q. Do you deliver every wedding photo?

A. We do not deliver every single image, as part of our service we go through all the images one-by-one and get rid of technically incorrect or duplicate shots.

Q. How many wedding images do you deliver?

A. We usually deliver around 400 images for a full day, and roughly 200 images for half day coverage. This could be more, but usually not less.

Q. How many engagement images do you deliver?

A. For a 1 hour engagement session we will usually deliver 5-10 fully edited images

Q. Do you shoot in JPEG or RAW?

A. All images are shot RAW and converted to JPEG after editing.

Q. What is your photography style?

A. Natural and unobtrusive, we will never ask you to do anything you are not comfortable with. In a relaxed manner we direct the shoot and do suggest poses, however we prefer to capture the moments in between. Those tend to be more real and genuine which makes for more meaningful and timeless photographs.

Q. My venue is really dark, can you handle that?

A. Yes, however, if the venue permits (and most do) I can set up a couple of small flashes around the venue to create more flattering light that will show-case the venue and ensure you look your best.

Q. Do you edit every photo you deliver?

A. Yes, every photograph is inspected individually and edited. This usually consists of colour and exposure adjustments, cropping, straightening, etc. We spend much longer on our signature edits.

Q. Will YOU be photographing my wedding?

A. Yes, I will be there, sometimes with an assistant or second photographer.

Q. How many hours do you suggest we set aside for photos?

A. As a general rule I suggest 1 to 2 hours. Always plan to be 30 minutes behind schedule, that way you can focus on enjoying your day and not have to worry about the time-line.

Q. Should we do a “first look” before our ceremony?

A. This is entirely up to you. It is sometimes easier to get all the photos done before the ceremony, that way you can go straight to the reception and see your guests.

Q. Do you mind if other friends/photographers shoot during our wedding?

A. I don’t mind at all. I do ask however that they don’t photograph over my shoulder during the formals. You will want everybody focused on my camera, not distracted by other guests taking photos. They are free to step in and get a few shots, just make sure I have what I need first.

Q. How long does it take to get our images of the wedding?

A. It usually takes roughly 3 weeks, however we aim to get them to you by 2 weeks.

If you have any questions of your own that have not been covered here, please get in touch